Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have been like a spinning top...spring and summer came and went...
JOY...Lucy Lin my little g'grand was born June 23rd ...what a gift of pure love:) she and her older sisters:) middle sister was diagnosed with Alzheimers...a brain tumor early in July; she has had 3 operations since then, she came through them, learned to talk again (she only oh-s and ah-s now, no sentences) but cannot sit UP...I visit one week a month and feed her is hopeful when she eats it all because I encourage her to want to go home.  Her home is up for sale, items are being shared with the family...she smiles a lot...I pray she is in a happy, not too questioning place in her own place in her mind...I so miss my sister. My brother refuses to even visit her...her daughter sees her daily as does my baby sister. I see myself when I look into my sweet sister's the oldest it could be me. Thank God I am here to pray for her and visit her more often I hope as I come out of my own overwhelming feelings on this life issue.
READING... somehow I have been able to read two of my beloved Lisa Scottoline books which keep me focused on love, happiness and the craziness of Italian lifestyles:) Everywhere That Mary Went and now Killer Smile...thank you God for each giggle and smile I find there.
GARDENING and CRAFTING...the day before my sister's operation someone went to her front flower bed and dug up her beloved " Night Blooming Series" plant...dark green with lovely long white blooms that stand straight up and open at night...beyond belief. The next day there I found a small plant in a different bed hanging on to life...I pulled it gently and put it into a wet paper towel and came home with me and lived to a great size and bloomed for now is holding 4 lovely large seed pods for me to gather next early spring and plant them and share with my sisters...I so pray my struggling sister is alive so I can present her one. I feel many of you will help me with this and I thank you:)

I forced myself to put in the final X-stitches on a sweet Over the River and Through the Wood piece...when I sew it to its calico backing, I will post a photo.

Thank you to my sweet followers who occasionally e-mailed me or checked on me here.
Love to all, Gail

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finally, a wish come true...

         ~A Pot Rack that can hold my special Cast Iron Pans~

Green grass, lovely Daffodils and Jonquils, sun is shining I want to play in the herb garden wants me to, also:) but, I must plan some meals and pack for a few days away in Richmond for the Virginia Rugfest 2011:)

After 30+ years I finally have a Pot Rack over my sink that holds my special castiron pans...little things bring such JOY:)

Have a wonderful weekend...cya soon:)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patty's Day...

It is a lovely, sunny day here in S.E. VA...My older daughter and I take turns preparing a traditional St. Patty's Day fare for our family...I am working our shoppe today so she is doing the honors:)

Wishing you a great day...lots of love and happiness...

~Gail who got a nice "pinch" at the shoppe for forgetting her greens:)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bear with me, I've added a 3-song playlist...:)

When I tackle something new in cyberworld, I try to think of my skills as a fiber artist and stitcher, etc. and how many folks can not even sew on a button and how I know nothing in their fields and I know we all contribute and make up the whole; but I am just amazed at how paying attention and applying can work  pure magic here because the designers have done so much before we tackle it...bless them:)

I simply emailed a blogger and she graciously wrote me simple how-to's that seemed to work and I thank you so much ~Pamela~ you are a special lady to even have sent me a reply:) I truly appreciate your help.

It does seem to me that if a song is playing on Playlist that if one chooses to click on a photo to enlarge it or to move to an older post that the PlayList song should continue and NOT stopping and starting each time!  Well, that said, I only have two songs selected....just warning you   lol   most of us are pretty patient here in blogland it seems. There are so many, many wonderful talented ladies who do it all and make it seem so effortless   BUT  when starting out it is ever frightening to a non-techi type person.

Most folks also know, I think, if they don't like a Playlist song or any of it they can scroll to bottom of the page and hit the STOP []  :)

Thanks for visiting and hoping the music doesn't turn you off:(

~Gail forever learning and happy to be a Blogger3

Monday, March 7, 2011

One more day to enter...

AntiqueChase is having a great Give-A-Way on her blog...just click on the lovely old white kitchen scales to the right and good luck:)
I have always wanted such a vintage old set for my kitchen.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

What a Beautiful Day it is...

It is so pretty here today...I ran home to bake a cake for a homecoming and while browsing blogs I follow found this very generous Offer...I probably have all of them, but maybe one of "you" would be interested Tinkerthroughtime :)

My Butter Poundcake is ready to take out of the oven...

This cake I made from one of my most favorite books...
A Place Called SweetApple  by Celestine Sibley.
I weep when I read this wonderful little book..."Tine" as her family and co-workers at The Atlanta Journal fondly called her, just wrote from her heart...she is gone now...I do have an official letter from her re: Irish Lace Marigolds...
Well, as you can see, I had to have a slice   lol 
Gotta run back to our shoppe for about an hour, we close at 5:00 .
Wish you could share the cake...hope you might look for the book in your library...filled with recipes and nostalgia.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Linking to RAZMATAZ Food Friday ...

Today I am doing a first for me...linking to RAZMATAZ and her wonderful Friday Food Photo Challenge.
I sure hope I can improve on this:)

A Bad Beginning...

~ From one of my beloved Mary Engelbreit Calendars ~

I have awakened with a "rare" headache...a bump on my forehead and a bit of a black eye. There was so much planned for today, my day away from the shoppe.

Many times I find myself rushing like a spinning top after work when I arrive home to tend to hungry cat and I was repeating in a raised voice a message to hubby (losing his hearing) I tried to move into the laundry room and hit the light switch at the same time...that is when I smacked my left forehead into the door frame... I haven't hurt myself in years, and years...but I knew this was serious; as I was sorta crumbling to my knees my tired brain thought grab the door cause IF you fall or pass out you will lie there until hubby either wonders down to see what's for dinner or remembers it is time for his favorite Two and A Half Men show...
I did call him 3 times...finally gave up and  took my time and slowly climbed the stairs ...hubby was still leisurely reading the newspaper totally unaware of my mishap that could have been lots worse. He was sorry that he hadn't heard me  "...not to worry, but Please talk to your doctor about getting a hearing aide."

It is risky getting older ...but, as they say, the alternative is not a good one.

Take care and slow down some, if you need to:)