Friday, February 18, 2011

Linking to RAZMATAZ Food Friday ...

Today I am doing a first for me...linking to RAZMATAZ and her wonderful Friday Food Photo Challenge.
I sure hope I can improve on this:)

A Bad Beginning...

~ From one of my beloved Mary Engelbreit Calendars ~

I have awakened with a "rare" headache...a bump on my forehead and a bit of a black eye. There was so much planned for today, my day away from the shoppe.

Many times I find myself rushing like a spinning top after work when I arrive home to tend to hungry cat and I was repeating in a raised voice a message to hubby (losing his hearing) I tried to move into the laundry room and hit the light switch at the same time...that is when I smacked my left forehead into the door frame... I haven't hurt myself in years, and years...but I knew this was serious; as I was sorta crumbling to my knees my tired brain thought grab the door cause IF you fall or pass out you will lie there until hubby either wonders down to see what's for dinner or remembers it is time for his favorite Two and A Half Men show...
I did call him 3 times...finally gave up and  took my time and slowly climbed the stairs ...hubby was still leisurely reading the newspaper totally unaware of my mishap that could have been lots worse. He was sorry that he hadn't heard me  "...not to worry, but Please talk to your doctor about getting a hearing aide."

It is risky getting older ...but, as they say, the alternative is not a good one.

Take care and slow down some, if you need to:)


Monday, February 14, 2011

A Sunny Day in Ole Virginny...

Something in the post to me soon, I just "had" to have them...:)

Happy Valentine's Day to all...and
Love to my blogging friends.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Light Dusting of Snow for us...

Yep...we got some of the white stuff:) it happened while I was reading and fell asleep...
Now, at 12:16 a.m.  I had to remake my hot dishwater and now must go wash up and dry....yikes, SNOW and  dishwashing I don't fall asleep like that again any time soon.

Tomorrow, we should have rain and no more snow...meaning NO SNOWCREAM....darn!!

Wishing all a wonderful Thursday.
Enjoy your stitching,
~Gail in cold and snowy S.E. Virginia

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Faithful Friends Sampler Framed...

This is my first finished counted cross stitched Sampler. It is a PineberryLane design and worked on 32 count Belgium Linen...I love it:)
It is a follow-up to one of my original posts here as I wanted to show it all framed up AFTER I learned to use my new digital hangs proudly here in my computer area.
I look at it often and still can't believe I managed to actually finish it...believe me, I had many stitches to "undo" so as to save me "nine" extras later. I encourage anyone to start small and work won't be disappointed. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


"EARLY SPRING" exciting as I sit here shivering today...very behind because I kept putting off showering and getting ready to go OUT into the COLD!!

Wishing all a ~happy day~ wherever you are...and lots of inside warmth IF you are in the snowy areas:)
Jillian's Aunt Mary's Chicken-and-Dumplings

The lovely blog that shared her Aunt Mary's recipe....I am shopping my local Food Lion for fresh fryers on sale to hurry home and make this; Thank you Jillian for sharing with your followers:)

Baked sweet potatoes and a salad would compliment the fat in these  lol

Until next time...
Be warm and take care friends,