Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday's Wedding...

Wedding Date: October 09, 2010
What a joyous few days....Jennifer and Jack are so in love, praying for them:)
Life has a way of tricking us and making us doubt because of silly little things!
I came home feeling so refreshed in some ways and longing to get on with creating for our shop. I did receive my new pattern Hallowe'en Jack Sewing Roll from Stacy Nash, not for the shop, but just to relax and get totally into those placement of tiny X-stitches...what a passion!!
My Hallowe'en Pinkeep Pillow is totally finished and setting in our shop...wish we could open more than three days...but, the main street was switched with the off ramp from the tunnel:(
Also, I made a line of  fall fragrances for our shop that the customers seem to like did boost our sale of Cookie Dough Candles  LOL
Going away for a few days to visit my sisters in Virginia Beach...can't believe it is almost Halloween and the beginning of the Holliday season sorta.