Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall is a lovely time to remember beloved family...

I have awakened this day missing my mother:( so many things I still wish to ask her about or just laugh about or just set together and "be"...we each have our loses and must carry the memories I know.

Tasha Tudor was one of my favorite "real" ladies and I mourned her passing last year.  For anyone who loved her and missed this awesome video it will be here on my blog for your viewing. I love listening to the beautiful speaking voice of the Japanese lady who visited Tasha and filmed her.

Usually, I do a morning therapy called 'morning pages' and I haven't been doing that so I know I haven't been releasing my thoughts but holding them in; I think that is missing and today I will do it...usually the three pages are written first thing when those feelings come right out onto the paper. James Cameron visualized his dream of directing TITANIC as he was doing his morning pages therapy. My dreams are not for anything that wonderful to share with the world ....but it is amazing the things that your heart passes through your hand to the written page:)

Hope you find a chance to view this lovely video, Tasha Tudor you tube video/