Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have been like a spinning top...spring and summer came and went...
JOY...Lucy Lin my little g'grand was born June 23rd ...what a gift of pure love:) she and her older sisters:) middle sister was diagnosed with Alzheimers...a brain tumor early in July; she has had 3 operations since then, she came through them, learned to talk again (she only oh-s and ah-s now, no sentences) but cannot sit UP...I visit one week a month and feed her is hopeful when she eats it all because I encourage her to want to go home.  Her home is up for sale, items are being shared with the family...she smiles a lot...I pray she is in a happy, not too questioning place in her own place in her mind...I so miss my sister. My brother refuses to even visit her...her daughter sees her daily as does my baby sister. I see myself when I look into my sweet sister's the oldest it could be me. Thank God I am here to pray for her and visit her more often I hope as I come out of my own overwhelming feelings on this life issue.
READING... somehow I have been able to read two of my beloved Lisa Scottoline books which keep me focused on love, happiness and the craziness of Italian lifestyles:) Everywhere That Mary Went and now Killer Smile...thank you God for each giggle and smile I find there.
GARDENING and CRAFTING...the day before my sister's operation someone went to her front flower bed and dug up her beloved " Night Blooming Series" plant...dark green with lovely long white blooms that stand straight up and open at night...beyond belief. The next day there I found a small plant in a different bed hanging on to life...I pulled it gently and put it into a wet paper towel and came home with me and lived to a great size and bloomed for now is holding 4 lovely large seed pods for me to gather next early spring and plant them and share with my sisters...I so pray my struggling sister is alive so I can present her one. I feel many of you will help me with this and I thank you:)

I forced myself to put in the final X-stitches on a sweet Over the River and Through the Wood piece...when I sew it to its calico backing, I will post a photo.

Thank you to my sweet followers who occasionally e-mailed me or checked on me here.
Love to all, Gail