Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Photo with new camera...

Well...........,  I always leave my Christmas Tree up until January  6th            Old Christmas       but, a bit longer this year 'cause I was determined to get a photo with Dru Ann Macarty's lovely Paper Face Santa that I   bid on. I was shocked that I won one of the ten she offered, it is so sweet:) I love old soft cotton batting and I will treasure him for a long time, I hope. Maybe, clicking on the photo will enlarge Dru's sweet santa with a candy cane she also made.
I discovered that as I get older I do NOT like having to read and learn a new camera....not sure why, it just made me a little nutz so I put it off...decided last night was the time:) Also, this new comp arrived a day late and had to learn its ways also...I miss the known, familiar old photo set up and ease.

We are moved into our new shoppe, I can relax a bit and read more of your wonderful blogs...take care all.