Thursday, September 9, 2010

Loving your home, loving your shop....hating to leave one for the other...

I awakened before my alarm which is only set these days for my working days at our shop...decided to turn over then I I would finish Stacy Nash's Hallowe'ens Eve pinkeep pillow IF I jumped up right away and had my morning coffee stitching in the three pumpkins...oh my word...
It was hard jumping up as I had forgotten that yesterday I did my online one mile walk , time for a morning shower, thought the soak in the tub last evening would help but....?

Anyway, I did one pumpkin, started another and made it to pick up my youngest and got us to the shop on time...which is always a good thing, as customers from the next door beauty shop often run in before or after their appointments...we had one waiting for us   lol  she only wanted to browse before her app't and promised to return another time.

My dad hated left-overs...luckily my hubby and son think 'anything' is good IF they don't have to fix it:)
Crispy fried buttermilk fresh chicken breasts (found in a new magazine) and my mother-in-law's quick spaghetti sauce for busy days (left over from no meat on Friday days) was last nights fresh offering but should be delicious warmed up and served in my pretty plates.

Tonight, I hope to finish the Hallowe'ens Eve pinkeep pillow cross stitching...maybe t'morrowr ~ I don't work Fridays~ I can hand stitch front to back and do those lovely 2-threads of dark gray X-s  around the seams, brush it with walnut dye, bake in 200 oven...and take it to our shop Saturday:) 

I so love our days leading into fall...the heat nearly killed me this summer....and to think Hurricane Season is not over until November...thank you God Earl changed his mind about coming to visit us....I love miracles:)