Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Isn't this the lovliest time of the much expectation and everyone keeping busy:) this is my first year as a blogger and I love visiting the ones I follow and often get lost there:)

Wishing everyone a wonderful safe Thanksgiving with family and safe in your travels:)


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where Have I Been...

Nowhere, just trying to figure out some things:) trying to come up with ideas for a few Christmas Ornies and a Santa to make for our little shoppe... My heart just loves old prims BUT our customers just don't seem to get it, so it just frustrates me:(
Also, hubby has a really bad time around Veteran's Day...he suffers greatly from Post Tramatic Shock is a tough life he is in much mental pain still and physical getting through these days are sad and not happy at all and who wants to hear of sad on blogs...most of us carry our own pain and want to read inspiring words and see happy inspiring pictures!! I so hope that next week I can get my camera and my mind focused and post some pics here.
It is cold here now and that helps...I even looked at a house for sale near ours but it would be one story and hubby would not have to go up and down stairs. OHHHHH, imagine trying to prepare by giving away or sharing  your no-longer needed treasures, etc. of 35 yrs here ...for one MUST have a clean home in order to list with a Realtor and show.
Wishing all a happy November with good memories and plans for a great Thanksgiving.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Who you are determines what you see.

Who you are determines how you see others.
The way people see others is a reflection of themselves.

If I am trusting, I will see others as trusting.
If I am critical, I will see others as critical.
If I am a caring person, I will see others as compassionate.

"You teach people how to treat you."

--Phil McGraw

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall is a lovely time to remember beloved family...

I have awakened this day missing my mother:( so many things I still wish to ask her about or just laugh about or just set together and "be"...we each have our loses and must carry the memories I know.

Tasha Tudor was one of my favorite "real" ladies and I mourned her passing last year.  For anyone who loved her and missed this awesome video it will be here on my blog for your viewing. I love listening to the beautiful speaking voice of the Japanese lady who visited Tasha and filmed her.

Usually, I do a morning therapy called 'morning pages' and I haven't been doing that so I know I haven't been releasing my thoughts but holding them in; I think that is missing and today I will do it...usually the three pages are written first thing when those feelings come right out onto the paper. James Cameron visualized his dream of directing TITANIC as he was doing his morning pages therapy. My dreams are not for anything that wonderful to share with the world ....but it is amazing the things that your heart passes through your hand to the written page:)

Hope you find a chance to view this lovely video, Tasha Tudor you tube video/ 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Do I Want to TRY this...?

I love Dr. Oz...what a decent down to earth guy...just stretching your hands UP and concentrating on pointing your middle finger as he says...actually feels good:)

DR.Oz video

Off to work on my little prim church doll roll for sweet g'daughters:) and the sun is out...:)