Friday, February 18, 2011

Linking to RAZMATAZ Food Friday ...

Today I am doing a first for me...linking to RAZMATAZ and her wonderful Friday Food Photo Challenge.
I sure hope I can improve on this:)

A Bad Beginning...

~ From one of my beloved Mary Engelbreit Calendars ~

I have awakened with a "rare" headache...a bump on my forehead and a bit of a black eye. There was so much planned for today, my day away from the shoppe.

Many times I find myself rushing like a spinning top after work when I arrive home to tend to hungry cat and I was repeating in a raised voice a message to hubby (losing his hearing) I tried to move into the laundry room and hit the light switch at the same time...that is when I smacked my left forehead into the door frame... I haven't hurt myself in years, and years...but I knew this was serious; as I was sorta crumbling to my knees my tired brain thought grab the door cause IF you fall or pass out you will lie there until hubby either wonders down to see what's for dinner or remembers it is time for his favorite Two and A Half Men show...
I did call him 3 times...finally gave up and  took my time and slowly climbed the stairs ...hubby was still leisurely reading the newspaper totally unaware of my mishap that could have been lots worse. He was sorry that he hadn't heard me  "...not to worry, but Please talk to your doctor about getting a hearing aide."

It is risky getting older ...but, as they say, the alternative is not a good one.

Take care and slow down some, if you need to:)