Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where Have I Been...

Nowhere, just trying to figure out some things:) trying to come up with ideas for a few Christmas Ornies and a Santa to make for our little shoppe... My heart just loves old prims BUT our customers just don't seem to get it, so it just frustrates me:(
Also, hubby has a really bad time around Veteran's Day...he suffers greatly from Post Tramatic Shock is a tough life he is in much mental pain still and physical getting through these days are sad and not happy at all and who wants to hear of sad on blogs...most of us carry our own pain and want to read inspiring words and see happy inspiring pictures!! I so hope that next week I can get my camera and my mind focused and post some pics here.
It is cold here now and that helps...I even looked at a house for sale near ours but it would be one story and hubby would not have to go up and down stairs. OHHHHH, imagine trying to prepare by giving away or sharing  your no-longer needed treasures, etc. of 35 yrs here ...for one MUST have a clean home in order to list with a Realtor and show.
Wishing all a happy November with good memories and plans for a great Thanksgiving.



  1. Hi Gail..I had to smile when you said that people just don't get it.. My husband was saying the other day that it must be my new statement.... They just don't get it!! LOL..
    Hope you have a great weekend.. Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment.. Yes, I will try to share more of the recipes..

  2. I do hope you take pics and share with us ..Your work is wonderful dear friend.



  3. Hi Gail,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog ... And, you can say whatever you please on your blog ... People will choose to read it or not. I am sure it is very hard for your husband ... I don't think anyone person who has gone to war or served comes back the same. Injured or not, a person is changed. I will pray for you and your hubby ...
    As for the prims ... just try to mix a few in here and there ... If you don't name them primitive then ... well, you get it right. I hope your spinning on the drop is coming along.