Thursday, March 3, 2011

What a Beautiful Day it is...

It is so pretty here today...I ran home to bake a cake for a homecoming and while browsing blogs I follow found this very generous Offer...I probably have all of them, but maybe one of "you" would be interested Tinkerthroughtime :)

My Butter Poundcake is ready to take out of the oven...

This cake I made from one of my most favorite books...
A Place Called SweetApple  by Celestine Sibley.
I weep when I read this wonderful little book..."Tine" as her family and co-workers at The Atlanta Journal fondly called her, just wrote from her heart...she is gone now...I do have an official letter from her re: Irish Lace Marigolds...
Well, as you can see, I had to have a slice   lol 
Gotta run back to our shoppe for about an hour, we close at 5:00 .
Wish you could share the cake...hope you might look for the book in your library...filled with recipes and nostalgia.


  1. Oh that looks sooo good! I probably have most of those books as well but a great offer for sure!

  2. Oh, Butter Poundcake does that ever sounds good and looks delish too. I love and collect cookbooks...I will look for this one. Some of my favorite cookbooks are those with personal stories and antedotes. Do you have any cookbooks by Susan Branch? They are very sweet and her recipes are good too...hugs, Linda

  3. I bet the cake taste as good as it looks. I love your dishes too! Thank you so much for commenting on my mags. "Irish Lace Marigolds", Hope you have many beautiful days!

  4. Thank you so much for your comments...I hope to visit you soon:)

    Linda, yes I do have Susan Branch cookbooks...her art drew me her stories and some great recipes. I hope you fine Celestine's A Place Called Sweet Apple, if not, I will loan you the First Edition I found for #1.00 AFTER ordering my newer version:))
    ~Gail who so loves like minded friends