Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bear with me, I've added a 3-song playlist...:)

When I tackle something new in cyberworld, I try to think of my skills as a fiber artist and stitcher, etc. and how many folks can not even sew on a button and how I know nothing in their fields and I know we all contribute and make up the whole; but I am just amazed at how paying attention and applying can work  pure magic here because the designers have done so much before we tackle it...bless them:)

I simply emailed a blogger and she graciously wrote me simple how-to's that seemed to work and I thank you so much ~Pamela~ you are a special lady to even have sent me a reply:) I truly appreciate your help.

It does seem to me that if a song is playing on Playlist that if one chooses to click on a photo to enlarge it or to move to an older post that the PlayList song should continue and NOT stopping and starting each time!  Well, that said, I only have two songs selected....just warning you   lol   most of us are pretty patient here in blogland it seems. There are so many, many wonderful talented ladies who do it all and make it seem so effortless   BUT  when starting out it is ever frightening to a non-techi type person.

Most folks also know, I think, if they don't like a Playlist song or any of it they can scroll to bottom of the page and hit the STOP []  :)

Thanks for visiting and hoping the music doesn't turn you off:(

~Gail forever learning and happy to be a Blogger3


  1. HI Gail - Please don't take this the wrong way, but music on blogs is one of my pet peeves. I usually listen to my own music when I'm on the computer, and I often have more than one window open at the same time. If one (or more of them) play music, then it really causes problems for me. I know I'm in the minority, but just wanted to share my thoughts on the subject. Don't worry, it won't stop me from visiting you!

  2. Gayle, I appreciate your thoughts on this...and I even share some of them; I often have to scroll down and stop music so I understand. I hope others know to do that when music bothers them and yes, scrolling between blogs with music does present a problem.

    Happy to hear you'll keep visiting me:)
    Wishing you a lovely Joyful busy day,