Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finally, a wish come true...

         ~A Pot Rack that can hold my special Cast Iron Pans~

Green grass, lovely Daffodils and Jonquils, sun is shining I want to play in the herb garden wants me to, also:) but, I must plan some meals and pack for a few days away in Richmond for the Virginia Rugfest 2011:)

After 30+ years I finally have a Pot Rack over my sink that holds my special castiron pans...little things bring such JOY:)

Have a wonderful weekend...cya soon:)


  1. What a great pot it and all the neat kitchen items I see. I really like cast-iron, you have some nice pieces...perfect sizes.
    Have fun at the Rugfest....I'm looking forward to a Quilt and Sewing Festival tomorrow...hugs, Linda

  2. That is a nice pot rack, and you are right, its the little things that can make such a difference and make us happy.
    How was the rug fest?

  3. Thank you Linda and Nancy Jo...your comments mean a lot to me:) Hoping to visit you later today.
    Rug Fest...awesome, and I won a basket FULL of is a link of Lori-s with photos...

    I love's so alive :)