Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Tree ....finally:)

This is my tree and picture I took with my dd-s  camera...wasn't comfy with it but she offered to loan it before the season passed and I had no picture of my tree for my blog:)
My son left and I could not find the rest of our old treasured ornis or hubby's and my own old toys....these are a few that were in the tree bag. No strung popcorn or cranberries either...alas,  not my usual sweet tree but, amazingly looking at her in the corner now standing proudly atop two very old suitcases (covered by old quilt) she is twinkling and shinning ever so prettily with no other lights on ...hope someone knows who made the doll...there are no marking or signings at all on her. She was sold at The Wharf a lovely quaint antique shop in local Smithfield, VA.   about 5 years ago.  I did see one just like her on a blog when I visited blogland this season.
When I click on the pic, it enlarges, hope it does for you, too:)

Thank you for your visit to my humble blog sweet friends,


  1. Beautiful tree..and the doll is wonderful..hope you find out who made her .
    Also love that blue trim :)

  2. Gail, your tree is so pretty! I love the ornaments. Do you live in an older home? I love your fireplace and the wood floor. I just love old homes, wish I lived in one (sigh)! Christmas came and went so quickly. I have been busy sewing and now crocheting. I am crocheting those vintage potholders with the floral in the center. Love those and never been lucky enough to find any so making my own. I have one front finished and have to make the back. I will post a picture when it is finished. Happy New Year to you!

  3. Mandy, thank you:) well, I hope someone recognized her and will take a little time to tell me:) OH, the blue is Apallo Room blue from inside The Raleigh Tavern in Williamsburg...I have it all through our home...and same white the blue really links it all:)


  4. Mary, thank you for the lovely comments; we couldn't buy an older home so we built one..:)
    I'm sorry all the older orni-s were hidden somewhere in the attic...sigh...
    Yes, Christmas came and left far too fast for me, too; we do less each year but it moves as fast as all the busy, busy years. Happy to hear of your crocheting...I am knitting a scarf for me and more hats for the homeless so I can send off the box soon.
    When I was about 10 years old, I made those exact now vintage potholders and a friend and I sold them door-to=door in our little neighborhood...when I see them in local shops I lovingly touch them as I am sure they were some of mine lol YES, please do post them...I favor the red and white ones too and have a few of those hanging from a skinny rack just above my kitchen sink...wish I had a pattern for some of know the white pantlets trimmed in red, etc:)
    Blessings to you and yours and the Happiest of New Year 2011...still shake my head at the years passing...

  5. Gail, your home looks lovely. My husband would like a new home built to look old. He is not a carpenter/fixer upper so old homes are not for him so...but I love my home. There is no place like home. I wish I actually had a pattern for some of those vintage crochet potholders, especially the little dresses and the flower centered ones. I am improvising. I crocheted a granny square to the size I thought was right and then crocheted the flower petals and sewed them in the center of the granny square. This first one is pink and white. I am working on the back for the potholder now. I have several projects going on. My problem is loving too many things. We are having ham&beans and cornbread tomorrow. My mom always used to fix a pot of blackeyed peas along with a pot of beans. We will also have cooked cabbage. I love beans and cabbage, a favorite meal!! I envy your knitting, I never learned to knit and I am not great at crocheting but I am persevering, I love the ornate beautiful doilies and want some so...crocheting is the answer. That is such a wonderful gift to knit hats for the homeless. Wishing you a new year filled with blessings!