Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What a busy, busy week...

If I don't post something now, it'll be over a week:(   blogging is still so new to me but I do love checking out some of the ones I follow and fully intend to post but getting lost in blog land is something I must learn to time myself on!! 
My Goddaughter's wedding Saturday was so wonderful...so peaceful; Jenny is about to graduate from med school and enter her four years of internship as an emergency room doctor...YIKES, times flies. She was here  in Virginia
at a local hospital learning for a month and left for Greenville, N.C. a few days before the 9th to relax and get beautiful....
I came home exhausted...not sure why...but, anticipating big events and preparing etc. sometimes does that to me.
Today and yesterday I got so tangled up trying to design some cones to fill with my wonderful Sweet Annie for our little shop...frustrated me so put it aside and worked on printing on fabric to do a different holder for Annie...still have NO NEW CAMERA  so still no pics...embarassing, I know how we all love pictures as my good friend Mandy keeps reminding me. Maybe this week I can shop for one and so add them to my words. 
Today was another Happy Anniversary for hubby and me...so much to be thankful for, so many memories;  we had our favorite Italian dinner at our local restaurant  the wine was so good but always makes me sleepy!
Wishing my blogger friends a peaceful night and bright, busy productive days ahead:)


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both !!

    ( Hugs )

  2. Hello Gail,

    Thank you for the comment on my blog about the kitty cat. He has come visiting every day this week except Thursday. Friday our darling granddaughter was here and they were both delighted with all the attention, one to the other. As you can probably see from the pics on my blog, I am not a photographer. A skill I do not possess. I do agree, we all love pictures, but I also love reading the posts. I love getting to know people and I am happy to meet you thru your blog. Have a wonderful day and God Bless!

  3. Mary, thank you for such a lovely post:) I don't possess photography skills either, if I just had more time to practice after I get a better camera.
    Your photos are just fine; yes, I love the posts too.
    We had a stray kitty visit our shop...for a whole day! His mommy came knocking at our door all tearful eyed but happy we found him; he had tumbled down her apartment stairs...omword, she was on the phone...take care, Mary:)