Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Learning the Drop Spindle....

OMGosh, this arrived two days ago and Pam just makes it look so "easy" as she is a real pro at it.
Just in case some of you wondered about a drop spindle and spinning yarn for a scarf ( in my case at least) here is her http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjkTXUfMLd0&NR=1  video. She is a lovely lady and if you click her name pamsfiber below the video, you can visit her wonderful farm and might even see the chocolate alpaca from which my chocolate wool was taken. I am so excited about this BUT with all that is happening right now I may get a scarf by next spring:)

I will post pics AFTER I buy a new camera and AFTER I learn to use it...grrrrr, my brain just isn't co-operative about learning something techi right now.

It is such a lovely fallish day here in my part of S.E. Virginia
Gail wishing you contentment and joy in your day


  1. Hi Sweetie, how are you? I have never heard of molasses candy. Try and google the recipe. They just made the sorgham from it. Are you going to Simple Goods? Good luck on finding your recipe.

  2. Hi sweet friend Robin,

    I did google it...pc was acting up...will try again...hope you had a wonderful Friday and great weekend:)