Saturday, October 23, 2010

Practical Magic Night

Tonight's the night! After working our shoppe today, we will gather just us girls at my niece's home for our annual fun night. My niece makes a large pot of chicken stew, individual baked corn pudding in pumpkin pots, baked goodies and all the fresh coffee we want..but, no " Lime in the Coconuts" drinks as yet LOL...if you haven't seen this Sandra Bullock movie yet, I hope you do so; it is a great stress reliever, loads of laughs and make you feel good movie.

I am cold...burrr! have my little quartz heater here in my pc area...someone posted of their chimney sweep guy coming and it reminded me to call mine...I so love a cozy fire.

Take care all, Gail


  1. Hi,
    Thank you for your nice comments on my site. I just had the best time looking at your shoppe. Do you work there everyday? Is it near your house? Just to cute. I put it under my favorites.
    Nancy Jo

  2. Sounds like a wonderful evening! What fun. I wish I lived closer to my best friend. I don't even live that close to my daughter. She's in another town and works outside her home full time. We don't have our girls days out anymore. I miss them. I'm glad you had yours though.

  3. Nancy Jo, thank you for visiting our little is such a pleasure there and we only work a 3 day is 10 mins from my home and makes me happy to be with my daughters as I work one day a week with each...they work the third day together without ole mom :) They will be excited that you like it and put us under your favorites, thanks so much:)
    Hugs, Gail

  4. Hi ya Kady, I'm sorry both your best friend and daughter live further away from you:(
    YOu know, you must plan at least two outings with your friend and daughter...hopefully you can KEEP and enjoy one of them. I don't see my best friend at all as she moved up to Delaware.
    My niece came into our shoppe today and we giggled over silly memories of our magikal night...her house is magic I think...she has that wonderful gift of making you feel it is your home...
    Hugs dear is ole man Tucker doing?