Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Sunday...

Today arrived so and all fallish outside. I want to prepare my Italian Baked Ziti for my family...then I want to work on finishing up my Hallowe'en Pinkeep Pillow so I can start something new. Wishing I had a treat in store like I did last Saturday at the Second Gathering of Primitive Friends at is a photo that sweet friend Robin of    offered since 'ole hurrying to get away me' forgot her camera!! This is Lori-s Shop...I wish I could send you visuals of these  awesomely talented two great friends/ladies Robin and Lori. I am so grateful to have been able to drive up and spend a few days. Thanks Robin {HUGS}
Gail who appologizes for the two previous  failed attempts at editing/cancelling drafts in blogland


  1. It looked wonderful ..sure wish i could have made it .

  2. I know you do...I looked everywhere for you and your year:)

    Missed you,